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JPW Fund will support the learning experiences at the schools and social good Gemba with members of LEI’s faculty and coaches.  Faculty and coaches share LEI’s point of view on lean thinking and organizational change summarized on the School page.


JPW Fund coaches must work with leadership and management at the Gemba to understand Jim Womack’s view on the four key tasks of management:


  • Create basic stability and sustain the standard (problem-solving to develop countermeasures),

  • Steadily improve selected value creating processes to raise and stabilize the new standard (PDCA using A3 thinking),

  • Rethink value to those served and how to create value (hoshin / planning and deployment), and

  • Capability development at all levels throughout the organization to do and improve the work.


Consistent with LEI’s mission of creating and sharing new knowledge, JPW Fund coaches must be willing to:

  • Use A3 thinking to uncover problems at community-based social good organizations and develop plans to improve the work and capabilities,

  • Coordinate and share learning with participants at schools conducting similar experiments and LEI to develop new approaches to teaching lean thinking and practice,

  • Coordinate and share learning with participants in other experiments and LEI to develop an approach to solve problems and develop people at community organizations, and

  • Document the story - strategy, plans, learning, progress – via videos, articles, presentations at events (such as LEI 2020 summit in Carlsbad), etc.

COACHES (as of September 2019)

If you are a lean coach and would like to learn more about how to participate in the JPW Fund learning experience, please contact us at

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